My name is Margaux Anne Siegel

I am a fine art archivist, designer, color enthusiast, and sea glass collector. I began collecting and cataloging sea glass colors soon after moving to the Italian Riviera in 2013. Over time, I discovered that the spectrum of sea glass colors and their origins was far more extensive than I imagined. I had to document them. I love grouping, organizing, and arranging things based on their color, so naturally, this was the perfect hobby for me. I originally created The Sea Glass Color Index as a personal project, but I soon realized, through the feeback on instagram, that it could serve as a useful identification for other enthusiasts.

Below is my Italian Riviera Sea Glass Collection organized into color groupings of three representing each page of the Color Index. Click on any sea glass item to get its Name and HEX equivalent.

If you’d like more information regarding sea glass rarity and their origins check out The Sea Glass Color Index.