The Best Chicken Feeder Diy : Recommended For 2022

Going through chicken feeder diy reviews was not an easy task for us while selecting the Best chicken feeder diy. So many products were there on Amazon's for this query. We have considered the brand value, price, value for money, sales volume, user reviews and availability while choosing them. You can rely on this list to find the one you are looking for.

The Best chicken feeder diy : Top 10 Picks

Save $4.00No. 1
DIY Chicken Feeder Rain Proof Poultry Feeder Port Gravity Feed Kit for Buckets, Barrels, Bins, Troughs
  • Easy install, come with a 3.15"/80mm hole saw, make an outdoor chicken feeder in a minute
  • Come with 4 chicken feeder ports and 1 hole saw; no matter 5 gallon buckets or larger box, you can always make an auto chicken feeder with easy
  • This PVC pipe feeder was covered and rainproof design, come with connect seal, keep dry
  • Gravity automatic chicken feeder, constant feed to be available
  • Compare with traditional chicken feeder, this chicken feeder will reduce the spillage and less mess
Save $10.00No. 2
12 Pieces DIY Poultry Chicken Feeder No Waste Chicken Feeders Waterproof Poultry Feeder Supplement Sets with 2 Hole Saw Chicken Gravity Feeder for Buckets, Barrels, Bins, Troughs, Boxes (Red)
  • Smart Design for Farm Fed: the mouth of our poultry feeder port use concave arc design, which allow chicken neck more comfortable when they reach into port to eat poultry treat; Just pour feed into the bucket
  • Easy Install: our DIY poultry chicken feeder already comes with 2 holes saw, so that you can install your three port feeders in just minutes; Easy installation and no additional hardware needed; Enabling you to assemble the feeder in only few minutes
  • Quality Materials: our DIY chicken, turkey, duck feeder kits are made of PP material to make the poultry feeding ports, which are thick and sturdy and easy to rinse; This auto feeder provides the easiest way to feed your chickens
  • Long Lasting Use: the poultry feeder supplement design with tough and weather resistant materials, which are rainproof, firm connection and seal design; No more broken feeders or soggy feed
  • Versatile: use these no waste chicken feeders with any container; Our adaptable feeder ports can be applied to buckets, bins, boxes, you name it; Which can make the homesteader's life easy with our truly DIY feeder kit; The larger the container, the less often you have to feed
Save $8.00No. 3
6 Pcs Poultry Feeder Port Rain Proof DIY Chicken Feeder Gravity Fed Kit Automatic Weather Resistant No Waste Use for Buckets, Barrel, Bins, Troughs, with Hole Saw, Feeder Stoppers, 3.15 x 5.70 Inch
  • Enough Quantity:You will receive 6 DIY chicken feeders, 6 chicken feeder stoppers and 1 hole saw; Compared with traditional chicken feeder, this chicken feeder port will reduce the spillage and less mess, allows you to save more effort and maintain a tidy environment
  • Convenient Design: the product is composed of quality PP, stainless steel and silicone material, you can quickly and easily combine them to get your own automatic feeder; Using the included hole saw to make a chicken self feeder out of a 5 gallon bucket, box, barrel or you could even make a large chicken feeder bin
  • Size Details: 3.15 inches/ 80 mm hole saw and 5.70 inches/ 145 mm x 3.15 inches/ 80 mm chicken feeder ports; The DIY automatic chicken feeder is gravity fed, so they just eat what they want and the rest stays inside, away from rodents, nice and fresh for later; The installation position is better placed at the shoulder width of the chickens, ducks or quails
  • Keep Feed Fresh: specially designed for the upper edge of the rainproof, feeder was covered and rainproof design; Keeping food dry and fresh even in bad weather conditions and keeping other animals from stealing food; The rain hood keeps feed from getting spoiled; Don't worry about feed
  • Life Long Use: DIY chicken food dispenser is stable and not easy to break, safe and reliable to use without worrying, serving you for a long time
Save $1.00No. 4
DIY Chicken Feeder No Waste 4 Ports-1 Hole Saw Rain Proof Poultry Feeder Gravity Feed Kit for Buckets, Barrels, Bins and Troughs…
240 Reviews
DIY Chicken Feeder No Waste 4 Ports-1 Hole Saw Rain Proof Poultry Feeder Gravity Feed Kit for Buckets, Barrels, Bins and Troughs…
  • Easy to install: Equipped with a 2.95"/75mm hole saw and 4 chicken feeder ports, you can easily make and complete the installation of the automatic chicken feeder in minutes
  • Reduce waste: Compared with traditional chicken feeders, our DIY chicken feeder ports are designed with a concave arc shape for automatic gravity continuous and stable feeding, minimizing feed spillage and mess, saving your money
  • Durable: Super tough and resistant PP material, not easily corroded and damaged by rodents, the chicken feeder adopts a covered rainproof design with a connecting seal for good sealing. Prevent rain from wetting the feed and keep the food dry and fresh
  • Universal design: Our DIY chicken feeder kits are equipped with sealing rubber rings for a perfect sealing fit, suitable for any of your containers, buckets, barrels, boxes, troughs, etc.
  • Guarantee service: vlhtceqk is committed to providing good products and services to our customers, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will reply and solve as soon as possible
Save $3.00No. 5
DIY Chicken Feeder Poultry Feeder 4 Ports Gravity Automatic Chicken Feeder No Waste, Chicken Feeder No Waste Rodent Proof, fit for Buckets, Barrels, Bins, Troughs (4 Ports,1 Hole Saw)
269 Reviews
DIY Chicken Feeder Poultry Feeder 4 Ports Gravity Automatic Chicken Feeder No Waste, Chicken Feeder No Waste Rodent Proof, fit for Buckets, Barrels, Bins, Troughs (4 Ports,1 Hole Saw)
  • [easy to Install]:Installation is easy. Automatic chicken feeder ports come with a hole saw, what you need is the container and a drill. Just cut a hole and insert chicken feeder port, you can make an automatic chicken feeder within minutes.
  • [no waste chicken feeder]: With our chicken feeder, feed will not spill out of container. You don’t need to add feed for you chicken everyday, what you need to do is checking the lever of feed 3 or 4days one time, totally according to the container’s capacity.
  • [weatherproof/rodent proof]: Our chicken feeder with rain shield can resist rain and snow, protect feed from waste. Come with stoppers you can close it when you need to proof mouse and birds at night.
  • [Fit any containers]: Fit any containers what you plan to use, buckets, barrels, bins, troughs. Make full use of container what you have owned, spend less money and get more feeder ports. Make DIY chicken feeder as you want!!!
  • [food-grade material]: The feeder uses safe and non-toxic BPA Free material, It is durable and harmless to poultry.
No. 6
No Waste Chicken Feeder with Rat Stopper Caps,6 Ports and Hole Saw,DIY Poultry Feeder Port Gravity Automatic Fed Kit for Buckets,Barrels,Bins,Troughs
  • 🐔 Less Waste: The automatic gravity fed system provides constant feed available to poultry,eliminating feed spillage and mess. It saves the feeding cost on a daily basis.
  • 🐔 Easy to Install: Come with a 3.15"/80mm hole saw.Use a drill and finish the installation in just a few minutes.You can place the container 2-3 inch off the ground for the chicken to eat food inside.
  • 🐔 Rain-Proof: Each port has a hood as rain shield to keep rain from flowing inside the feeder.The chicken food stay dry and clean inside the bucket. So you can put the feeder in your run instead of keeping in your coop.
  • 🐔 Mouse-Proof: Put the feeder on a 6-8inch base or stand so the mouse will not be able to reach.The feeder kit also includes 6 lids to cover the port hole. If you have serious rodent problems,these lids stop the mouse from reaching in the port.
  • 🐔 Durable : All in one piece design ports and weather resistant design, strong connection with rubber seal. The Poultry Pro Feeder is designed to last and keep food dry and fresh.You can Use mash in this type of feeder.occasionally bump it or shake it a little bit to get the mash flow down.
Save $2.00No. 7
ZenxyHoC DIY Chicken Feeders No Waste, Poultry Feeder with Covers Gravity Feed Kit Ports 4 -1 Hole Saw for Buckets Barrels Bins Troughs
73 Reviews
ZenxyHoC DIY Chicken Feeders No Waste, Poultry Feeder with Covers Gravity Feed Kit Ports 4 -1 Hole Saw for Buckets Barrels Bins Troughs
  • Keep it clean & No Waste: You just place DIY chicken feeders anywhere on your farm or coop, fill it with feed and poultry feeders will be driven by gravity. Feed your chickens in an easy way, prevents spilling of feed and no waste. Chicken feeders can save you 15-30% of feed and make your coop cleaner and more comfortable
  • Good airtightness: We provide the lid to keep the feed dry even in rainy days, while stopping other animals from entering the feed bucket, and also saving 5%-10% of the feed
  • High quality material & sturdy and durable: Chicken feeder set is made of strong and durable PP material. It is not easily damaged in complex environments such as farm chicken coops and can be reused. Because chickens love bright colors, our red design makes it more attractive for chickens to adapt to the feeder
  • Easy to install: There is a 3.15 inch hole saw in the accessories. You only need to prepare a drill and a container, a few minutes to easily make an automatic chicken feeder ports, you can place the container 6-10 inches above the ground, so that chickens can easily eat the food inside
  • Wide application: The box includes 4 poultry feeder ports, 4 rubber rings and 1 hole saw. Poultry feeder ports are suitable for containers such as buckets, boxes, bins and troughs. You only need to have an unused container, you can easily make automatic feeders. This is not only a waste reuse, but also adds a lot of fun to your life and work
No. 8
6 Pack DIY Chicken Feeder Kit, No Waste Poultry Feeder Port Gravity Feed Kit for Buckets, Barrels, Bins | Rian Proof (6 Feeder Ports with Hole Saw)
  • NO WASTE CHICKEN FEEDER: These chicken feeder keeps the feed fresh and dry.Compare with traditional chicken feeder, this chicken feeder will reduce the spillage and less mess.
  • MOISTURE-PROOF DESIGNED: The chicken feeder kit designed with rain and leak proof. Come with rubber ring connect seal, keep dry and reduces feed waste.
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICABLE: No matter 5 gallon buckets or larger box, you can always make an auto chicken feeder with easy.Gravity automatic chicken feeder, constant feed to be available.
  • REMOVABLE & DURABLE: Made of super tough and resistant PP material. Can be used for a long time in outdoor environment. Removable design makes easy to change the container to use.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Come with a 3.15"/80mm hole saw and 6 feeder ports, you can make an outdoor chicken feeder in a few minute.
Save $11.99No. 9
DIY Chicken Feeder Kits, PVC No Waste Poultry Duck Feeder Ports with Hole Saw, Automatic Gravity Fed Parts Rainproof for Buckets, Barrels, Troughs, Bins (17, White)
  • Easy to Install: you will receive 16 pieces chicken feeder ports and 1 piece hole saw kit in 3.15 inches/ 80 mm diameter, which allow making an outdoor chicken feeder in a minute and the sufficient quantity can satisfy your daily use demands
  • Wide Compatibility: these poultry feeder ports are suitable for various containers, such as buckets, bins, boxes and more, and the larger the container, the lower the feeding frequency, so that you can choose the right one according to your actual need
  • No Waste and Rainproof: each of the PVC gravity feeder is equipped with a rainproof cover, to keep food dry and fresh even in bad weather condition, and keep rats from stealing food. Furthermore, it will reduce the spillage and less mess compared with traditional chicken feeder
  • Ideal for Instant Feeding: these chicken feeder parts are convenient for you to make automatic chicken feeders, and help to ensure the instant feeding for your chicken, duck and other poultry
  • Applicable Occasions: the poultry feeder kit contains 16 pieces of duck feeder ports, which is enough for home and farm use or replacement, providing a simple way to assist poultry thrive
Save $13.00No. 10
20 Pcs Chicken Feeders No Waste Blue Rain Proof Poultry Feeder Rat Proof DIY Gravity Feed Kit Automatic Chicken Feeder Ports with Hole Saw for Buckets Barrels Bins Troughs Chicken Duck Goose
  • Rainproof and Rat Proof: these DIY chicken feeders have designed with covers which are resistant to harsh weather and rat, effectively protect your feed to stay away from moisture and dust while avoid rats or others from eating the feed, that is better than traditional chicken and duck feeder
  • No Waste Feed: the rainproof poultry feeders can allow poultry to eat in an orderly manner instead of fighting over the food and make the feed scattered all over the place, that will not only waste a lot of feed but increase your spending and time on feed, the automatic gravity feed kit help you reduce the troubles in this area
  • Easy to Assemble: the package includes 20 pieces blue poultry feeder ports and 1 piece black hole saw, you can install them on your feed container easily, just punch a hole in the buckets and plug the chicken ports in and seal it then you will get an auto chicken feeder; They are suitable for buckets, bins, troughs, boxes, barrels and any feed containers
  • Reliable Material: our no waste auto chicken feeders ports are made of PP plastic and silicone, which could make a good use of their features; The hole saw is made of stainless steel which could mount on your hole punch and punch the right size hole in the barrel; They can use for a long time for you, and you needn't worry about wasting feed or feed becomes stale
  • Suitable Size: the diameter of the hole saw is about 3.15 inch/ 8 cm, which is suitable for most feed containers; The DIY chicken feeder ports can be easily inserted into the hole that made by hole saw, the chicken and other poultry can effortlessly put their head in and eat feed; Friendly remind, in order to let your poultry eat the feed better, it is recommended to install the height where the poultry can reach

What To Look Before Buying chicken feeder diy?

Prior knowledge about the product is crucial when choosing the chicken feeder diy. These conclusions might also apply to other performance-related variables. So, before making a choice, we advise you to weigh the cost of the item against its worth.

By doing careful study and comparisons, you are the only one who can prevent squandering your valuable time. We've already completed the analysis and comparisons to save you time. You may get your desired performance in the shortest amount of time possible with the chicken feeder diy, all while making no compromises.

Trust Brand

Make sure the manufacturer has a solid reputation in the market before buying the chicken feeder diy. For a successful best chicken feeder diy, it is crucial to get reliable and understandable information. Check out customer reviews and compare several brands to gain a better knowledge of a product. Additionally, you may find out about the company's services both before and after the purchase.

Items like chicken feeder diy are frequently more pricey. But in order to get the best performance and customer service, that product might need to cost more. Because of this, some businesses can be brand-new to the market, excluding their concepts. They too have a chance to compete and succeed in the market.

Practical Features

This is the next factor to consider when choosing the finest chicken feeder diy. Always try to locate a product with the qualities you require. We suggest concentrating on the components of each product that are most crucial or necessary.

Cons and Benefits

It is quite impossible to find a product that is exceptional in every regard. As a result, the product you've picked can have both good and bad traits. As a result, concentrate on the most crucial benefits and explain how they satisfy your chicken feeder diy needs. Instead, the product's flaws can provide light on its value in real-time applications.

Performance and Durability

Regardless of user reviews, there are a number of ways to choose the  chicken feeder diy with the durability and performance you need for your garage. Try to determine where the product's components were sourced. The best materials are currently used to make the best products.


This is why it's tough to declare a specific one as the best chicken feeder diy. Still, the most well-balanced reputed product brand on this list. If the purpose is color printing, you can go for the Envy. Every product listed here is amazing, and getting any one of them will benefit you highly.

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